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    Iria is a small picturesque village in the municipality of Asini of the prefecture of Argolis. The ancient name of the area was "Agrii Limenes" (Roughneck Ports).

    It is divided in "Pano Horio" and "Paralia". The most famous feature is the small port, especially picturesque with many fishing boats. The plain is known for its great production of artichoke that is the economic saviour of the inhabitants. Each year is organized the festival of artichokes with traditional dances and folk music, as well as food based on artichoke. Its beach attracts many bathers that are lovers of clear waters.

    There are great Hotels, Rooms to let and Campings.

    In 1962 near to the cape was found shipwreck with clay pots at a distance of approximately 25 meters from shore and depth around 20 meters from the Late Mycenaean period, around 1200 BC. The cargo contained pots from Cyprus, amphorae from Peloponnese and from Crete for the storing and transporting of the oil and wine. The findings were particular important for studying the trade relations and now are exposed in the museum of Spetses.

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